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Holistic Recovery Systems to help with mood disorders and sleep disturbance

While anti-depressant medications can be very helpful in treating depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, there are other viable and helpful options that minimize side effects and/or withdrawal symptoms.  At the center of this approach lies Amino Acid Therapy, Nutraceutical Therapy, and Nutritional Counseling; treatments that provide real alternatives to conventional medications that treat Depression and Anxiety.  

Dr. Baten educates her patients about health and nutrition and how they relate to mood, energy levels, sleep, behavior, and cognitive processing.  She coaches individuals around dietary choices and nutrition and supplements, and offers nutritionally based alternatives to medication, in addition to Cognitive Behavioral approaches to diet and lifestyle changes. 
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Rebalance body chemistry to end food cravings, weight problems, and mood swings

It is very possible to feel better emotionally and have greater energy and mental acuity without the use of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or psychopharmacology.  Dr. Baten's approach treats the whole person, by using an extensive health intake process and clinical interview, resulting in individualized Holistic Wellness Programs and optimal mental health.  It is possible to treat depression, relieve anxiety, and combat emotional eating with reliable and safe alternatives to conventional medication.